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Title I

All elementary schools in Tazewell County are Title I schools.  Title I is a federally-funded program that ensures all children have fair and equitable opportunities to obtain a high-quality education.  The purpose of the Title I program is to raise the academic achievement of all students.
Teachers, administrators, and parents work together to create a Title I Plan for each elementary school.  This plan uses data collected throughout the school year to identify areas of strength and areas of need.  The areas of need determine each school's action plan for improvement.  It is with those areas in mind that Title I funding may be allocated for the following:
  • Additional Staff
  • Family Engagement Opportunities (School and District Levels)
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Professional Development of Instructional Staff
  • Field Trips and Outreach Opportunities
  • Summer Programs
  • Home Resources
  • Technology Devices
  • Online Computer Programs
  • Instructional Materials and Supplies
Title I programs aim to ensure that all students have access to the following opportunities:
  • Meaningful, authentic, and rigorous learning experiences
  • Collaboration, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving development
  • Family engagement that enhances student achievement