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Philosophy for the Education of Gifted Students.

Tazewell County Public Schools is committed to the identification and academic enrichment of its Gifted students among all Kindergarten (K) through grade 12 ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups. Gifted students possess certain intellectual, academic, and performing strengths that allow them to excel and function at a high cognitive level.
Demonstration of identified exceptional academic, vocational, or Visual and/or Performing Arts ability must be instructionally addressed with a broad spectrum of differentiated educational opportunities that will appropriately serve the unique needs, performance, strengths, and learning styles of all students identified as Gifted.

Areas of Identification:

1. General Intellectual Aptitude K-12.

2. Specific Academic Aptitude K-12

3. Career and Technical Aptitude 10-12.

4. Visual and/or Performing Arts – Visual,
      Instrumental, Theatrical, Dance, and Vocal.